Support for you after you report a partner/ex-partner

We advise people living with Domestic Abuse that they do not automatically need to leave their homes in order to escape domestic abuse. It is possible that the perpetrator of abuse can be made to leave, (see our legal section).

Your Safety must be a priority, but if it is possible, we would encourage you to come and talk to us before you leave your home

If however you are wishing to move we can help support you in finding refuge accommodation in the UK although Falkirk does not have such accommodation. We work with the Housing Department of Falkirk Council who will support you in an initial temporary move prior to moving to more permanent accommodation. Falkirk Council has a legal duty to help you if you experiencing abuse or are threatened with violence from someone you live with or used to live with. The abuse could be physical, sexual, psychological, emotional or financial.

If you are experiencing domestic abuse you should contact the Accommodation Resource Centre (ARC) using the details in the Contact Us panel.

In an emergency situation when the office is closed you should phone 01324 503050 or freephone 0800 587 4440.

Useful Links

The link below is to Falkirk Council Housing Department and also gives frequently asked questions.

We also have an advice service that we run with the Citizens Advice Bureau from our Wellside Place offices.

Please call us if you would like to have an appointment to discuss welfare benefits, housing, legal support and advice.

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