Safety Planning

There are times when you may need to leave home quickly to keep safe.

In an emergency:

If you can, dial 999.

Always know where the nearest phone is and if you have a mobile phone, try to keep it with you and keep it charged.

If you think that your partner is about to attack you, try and move to a place where there is a way out of the room and access to a telephone.

Avoid the kitchen, garage or bathroom where there are likely to be knives or other weapons.

If you think you may need to leave quickly at sometime, prepare for it.

For example:

Pack an emergency bag of clothes, toiletries and medication.

Remember to include some of your children’s favourite toys and objects.

Take important documents, e.g. birth certificates, marriage certificates, bank cards, passport, medical cards, any legal papers, and letters from the Home Office.

Evidence of income e.g. benefit details, utility bills, payslips etc.

Have money for a taxi or bus.

Have extra keys for your home and car.

Have essential phone numbers, for example:

   Falkirk Women’s Aid: 01324 635661
   24 Hour Domestic Abuse Helpline:
0800 027 1234
   Police Domestic Abuse Unit:
01324 574905

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Consider having all of the above stored at a friend or relative’s house if it is not safe to have a packed bag in the house.

Plan when it will be safe to leave when the abuser is not around.

If you have any children, consider when it would be safe to discuss the move with them.

Teach them to phone 999 in an emergency and practice what they would need to say ie full name and  address.

Teach them it is important to keep safe when there is abuse.

Tell them not to get between you and your partner if there is violence.

Plan a code word to signal they should get help or leave.

Rehearse an escape plan, so in an emergency you and the children can get away safely.


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