Falkirk & District Women’s Aid which is one of the longest standing and sole Domestic Abuse specialist service in the field and can offer a series of modular training.

Level One Training

Gender Based Violence (GBB)

This one day programme is aimed at professionals working in all areas who may as part of their work meet women, children, young people and men who have experienced domestic abuse.

It offers a basic understanding of GBV including;

 Barriers to accessing support

 How to be part of the solution as a first point of contact when a disclosure is made.

This programme is open to individual  participants or organisations that seek bespoke training.

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Level Two Training

Domestic Abuse and Gender Based Violence, Current Research Thinking and Practice

This can be undertaken as discrete modules or combined into our full  Level 2 Training.

MODULE ONE: Providing a Multi Agency Risk Led Response

This is a highly practical and participative module offering participants the opportunity to work on case studies and undertake Risk Identification Checklists.

This programme considers incidence of Domestic Abuse at a local and national level.

Identification of Risk Factors

Undertaking a Risk Assessment

Multi agency Referral Process for high Risk Victims/Survivors

Participants will:

Gain a greater understanding of the evidence base surrounding Risk and Harm Reduction measures.

Gain an understanding of when to use Risk Identification Checklists.

Understand “High Risk “ in terms of Gender based violence.

Be able to use a Risk Assessment Checklist.

Know how to make referrals of high risk victims/ survivors to access a multi agency response.

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MODULE TWO: Children affected by Gender Based Violence - The Impact of Trauma

This module is aimed at those working with children and young people affected by Domestic Abuse and Gender based Violence and offers  a greater understanding of the impact of trauma upon attachment and resilience.

It considers the nature of trauma and types of trauma.

The impact of upon development including cognitive and emotional impairment.

Attachment and bonding including traumatic bonding.

The consequences of poor attachment.

Agency responses to poor attachment in relation to poor attachment.

Participants will:

Gain an understanding of trauma and its particular impact upon children and young people.

Understand the impact of trauma in developmental terms.

Have a clearer understanding of attachment and differing types of attachment.

Be aware of the impact of poor attachment.

Understand what to consider in relation to attachment in their practice.

Understand  how to use tools in relation to assessing attachment.

Be encouraged to reflect upon their own practice and practice response  in relation to this field.

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MODULE THREE: Domestic Abuse in the Context of Trauma

This module considers Domestic Abuse in the context of trauma.

It explores latest national and international thinking in relation to Trauma and Trauma Recovery.

It considers the various stages of trauma recovery, the nature of support required and  interventions to support recovery.

It is delivered within a context that offers empathy: understanding and possibilities for recovery.

Based within the framework of participants skills, knowledge and interests, it supports them in accessing tools, resources, assessments and outcome measures to enhance their practice.

Participants will:

Gain an understanding of trauma and levels of trauma.

Understand the process of trauma recovery.

Understand how this might impact upon their practice.

Be aware of a range of resources that are available to improve their practice and demonstrate outcomes.

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Programme Delivery

Programmes will be delivered by experienced trainer facilitators with a background in both Gender Based Violence and Learning and Development.

Participant Information

Participants can enrol for our open programmes or alternatively we can offer a bespoke programme within your organisation

We run training and Development programmes at our offices at 21 Wellside Place or alternative venues by arrangement.

Prices and a calendar of programmes for autumn and winter 2014/15 are available on request.

We also offer talks and presentations to groups, schools, coll4ges and organisations.

Please contact us to arrange a visit, presentation or interactive talk.

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Gender Based Violence



Module One

Providing a Multi Agency
Risk-Led Response


Module Two

Children affected by Gender Based Violence - The Impact of Trauma


Module Three

Domestic Abuse in the Context of Trauma



Participant Information


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